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New Xbox 360 "Slim" Hands on [UPDATED]

The new Xbox 360 "Slim" came out yesterday and we have the first in-depth look on the new console.



The Xbox 360 now has integrated 802.11 b/g/n Wifi, a built in 250 GB Hard Drive, Sleek new design, Piano Black finish, touch sensitive buttons, it's now Kinect Ready, and newly designed fans to prevent overheating.

Here are the unboxing photos:






We will have more photos and how it runs after the break.



We're not particularly happy with the new Xbox 360 "S" Console.

Hows the wireless adapter?

A: The integrated wireless adapter isn't very reliable. What we mean is, when we tried to sign into Xbox Live it said that there was a problem with our internet connection. (There really wasn't) To fix this issue and finally sign in, we had to go into the wireless settings and test our connection. After the test is complete, we could sign into our account and play our COD. -Finally.

Do games freeze anymore?

A: Yes, you heard right. During our tests Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 froze several times. Especially loading screens, and when the game was starting up. Although the game did finally resume after several minutes, it was very annoying.

Is this new Xbox really quiter?

A: During normal conditions such as watching movies, Netflix, streaming audio and other activities it's much quieter. Although when playing games (which is what you usually do) we didn't find the new Xbox much quieter.

Maybe it was just that we got a bad Xbox, but our instincts tell us otherwise. So watch out when purchasing your next Xbox, because you may not be getting what you pay for.



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